Counting Down to Competition

On Wednesday, I wistfully watched the truck carrying our plane and tools drive down the road and begin its journey for Tucson. I wanted to tell the driver to be careful, after all, this was the project that we had been working on all year. My team’s blood, sweat, tears, money, and all of our collective knowledge and experience is wrapped up in that airplane.

Brett Masters, Annika Highley, Hamming Lin, Sam Weiler, and Evan Guyett pose around the packed up crates.

It felt unreal that something we’ve been preparing so hard for is finally coming to fruition. As a fourth year member of this team, I believe that Miner Aviation is more prepared for this competition than any I’ve experienced. For instance, we’ve performed countless successful flight and ground mission tests, our advisers have signed off on a pre-technical inspection, and this week, we’ve even discussed the best strategies for our team so we can perform even better. We’re all looking forward to finally being able to show off our hard work this week.

In other news, you might have heard that we recently elected our new set of officers. I’d like to send a big congratulations to the amazing people who will be leading the team in the next competition season! These officers were elected not only because of their technical and leadership skills, but because of the passion they hold for our team. I’m very excited to see where they take us!

President: Donnita Johnson

Vice President: Chandler Cairatti

Chief Engineer: Evan Guyett

Business Coordinator: Brendan Hentz

Student Council Representative: Thomas Armour

Shop Liaison: Blake McPherson

Once again congratulations to our new officers!

Keep an eye out for the Miners in flight this weekend! We’ll be soaring over the Arizona skies thanks to the support of all of our friends and family who donated to our crowdfunding campaign. And we reached our goal of $2000! If you would like to continue to support us and give us the freedom to experiment and test new designs and participate in future competitions, our crowdfunding campaign will be open until the last day of competition. We are extremely grateful for all of our donations! The link to our crowdfunding can be found below: