Full Steam Ahead

by Matik Heskin | Feb. 17, 2024

On the heels of one of our most successful prototype plane test flights, we are ecstatic to share that we have come up with quite an impressive flying machine this year. The team has been working day in and day out designing, building, and flying as in just a week our annual Design Report will be due.  Immediately following that submission we’ll be building our final plane, preemptively christened the “Odyssey”. We can’t wait to share not only the final product with you, but we hope you’ll follow along with us as we push on towards an amazing competition. 

Prototype Success

20240209 Miner Aviation Design Team 55(1)

Our first flight test was an overwhelming success. We could not be happier with our results, and we hope to continue the trend in future iterations. Stay tuned for further developments, and progress reports.

Our stellar performance shows that our preliminary design is solid, and that we should perform well with a similar framework. We hope to get to work very soon on our final project, and put out a good showing this April.

Design Report

It's crunch time here at Rolla. We are hard at work finalizing our designs and creating the best design report we can possibly submit. The team is feeling great about our progress, and we have had some serious momentum build in the lead up to submission.

The Leads and Vice-Leads have been day-in day-out working on the Design Report, and with the help from our Chief Information Officer and Chief Engineer, we feel very optimistic about the report. Truly, we cannot wait to show more about our current project, the Odyssey.

20240209 Miner Aviation Design Team 23

Upcoming Events

Miner Aviation will be at the St. Louis Science Center on February 24th, 2024. We hope to show off our work, and inspire other people towards STEM. So, if you're in the area during that time, come check us out!

Our crowdfunding website and video are both in the works. If you are looking to support us, keep on the lookout for an announcement in the very near future!