Public Relations Coordinator

Aleni Tsikhlakis

Public Relations is the face of the team and manages everything from the website, to our gear, to public events. Whether giving a presentation to classes at Missouri S&T or having a booth at events such as Celebration of Nations and open houses, the subteam stays busy with keeping Miner Aviation connected to the world. The whole team makes PR decisions together through a voting process so that we all have a say in how we present ourselves.

A large part of the subteam's responsibilities is social media. Miner Aviation is represented on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The team ensures all the accounts remain as up to date as possible and encourage anyone interested in the team to follow us. This subteam is a great choice for any engineering majors, english, technical communications, psychology, and history majors and is a great way for anyone to start becoming active with the team.

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