Stress Research & Development

Meet Your Subteam Lead!

Ji N-min

Ji Yong Ni

The structures subteam designs experiments to test the strength, ductility, and durability of the materials used to construct the plane. This ranges from wood to foam to metal with many in between. This team works very closely with I&M when building the plane and helps them when needed.

Working to test different materials such as balsa and spruce wood, they try to find the optimal material to use for the frame of our plane. Using the Student Design Center and the equipment provided to them, they are able to take our materials and test them for their failure points. Another task they are focusing on is testing the strength of the wing. Using a prototype wing, it will be place in a wind tunnel to find the weak points and strength of the structure.

This is an excellent subteam for mechanical engineering, material science, civil engineering, and aerospace engineering majors but anyone interested in structural design and materials is encouraged to join.