The Countdown has Begun!

by clc3qy / February 14, 2020

MINER AVIATION NEEDS YOUR HELP! As you know, our team works hard as a student-led organization to give all of our members a lasting and unique experience in engineering. We take an average of twenty students to competition every year, and believe it or not, that is one of the largest contributions to our budget. As much as we try to fund through school and sponsors, we still need help. That’s why we are launching our crowdfunding campaign. Please help us continue being a strong and successful team. You can help us here at Even if you aren’t able to support us directly, please share our page with others so that we can reach as many people as possible.

Back to your regularly scheduled update:

School is back in session and we are getting into the swing of things. Over winter break, we worked hard on our design so we were ready to hit the ground running with the build - which is good, because this thing is HUGE (team members are to scale).


And it has to be big to fit the amount of passengers we’re planning. While we won’t announce the specific number yet, just believe us when we say it’s a lot. The “passengers,” which are actually wooden dolls, are unfortunately produced about 3 ounces lighter than competition rules allow. Our structures team took matters into their own hands by hollowing out the passengers and filling them with pennies until they weighed 4 oz. Individually. By hand.

Our team is working hard to make our plane ready for its first flight tests, which are happening in just a few short days. Be sure to keep up with us on our social media platforms (in the top right) to get updates on everything we do! Our flight tests are happening just in time to get some data for our Design Report due on February 21. Our score on this report is multiplied by our competition score so it is absolutely imperative to get it just right. It is the cherry on the cake that will make all our hard work worth it.


We are also happy to announce our new Vice-Leads, who will be taking over for our current Design Leads next semester:


Blake McPherson

Aerodynamics and Stability/Control

Matik Heskin

Matik Heskin

Design and Manufacturing

Joey Russell

Joey Ressel

Design and Manufacturing

Jack Mitchel

John Mitchell

Dynamic Systems


Johnathan Dams





And a shout-out to our new assistant Public Relations Coordinator, Anna Jung!

Thank you all for supporting us as much as you already have. Behind every single one of us, there is someone who supported and encouraged us to follow our passions. We wouldn’t be here today without you. We will continue to try our hardest to make you proud.


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