Who We Are

Miner Aviation, formerly known as Advanced Aero Vehicle Group, was founded in 1999 to design, build, and fly a task specific, RC, competitive aircraft. In 2007, the team had leftover composite materials and was inspired to make this into a new project. Thus, the rocketry side of AAVG was born. For almost 10 years, the team competed in both rocketry and plane competitions. The aircraft and rocket teams decided in 2016 to split into two individual organizations to better serve their respective members. Miner Aviation is now dedicated solely to the construction and development of RC aircraft.

For two decades, Miner Aviation has trained aerospace industry engineers through the use of our state-of-the-art facilities at the Student Design and Experiencial Learning Center (SDELC). Our members train on design and modelling with SolidWorks, parameter analysis with MatLAB, composite design and construction, rapid prototyping, OMAX cutting files, and so much more. We work to be the best of the best and 20 years after the birth of AAVG,  Miner Aviation is going strong.

Celebrating Many Years of Success!


Get Involved

General meetings every Wednesday at 6:30PM in Toomey 140

Joining Miner Aviation is a great chance to explore aerospace engineering and design work. While the team is focused around aerospace engineering, other disciplines such as electrical and mechanical engineering can also be applied through individual subgroups. Anyone can join and contribute, regardless of major or previous experience. Each member can choose to join one or even multiple subteams, and we encourage all new members to see what each subteam is up to.

In order to join the team, prospective members need to attend our weekly general meetings. The general meetings are the best way to meet other students, as well as stay updated on the team's progress!

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Meet The Team Leaders

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Matik H-min

Chief Executive Officer


Jane I-min

Chief Administrative Officer


Mason P-min

Chief Technical Officer


Micah G-min

Chief Financial Officer


Thomas H-min

Chief Communications Officer


Farzaam K-min

Chief Information Officer


Mary G-min

Shop Liason & 5S Officer


Carter L-min

StuCo Representative


Chris J-min

Web Developer